Vision of Earth’s New Forum

Forum for contribution and discussion

UPDATE: The forum has been removed from the site.

We now have a new forum. You can get there at any time by clicking the “Forum” link near the top of the page.

The forum in its current state was designed by Ben with the help of the rather impressive plugin Simple:Press Forum. The most daunting thing about this plugin for us was the sheer amount of flexibility it offered us. Swimming through the options it is possible to change a great number of things relevant to the configuration and function of the forum.

Blog-Forum Integration

One of our favourite features is the fact that we can now link blog posts to forum topics. On the forum page you can find a forum named Discuss Articles or News. In this forum will appear topics that link directly to posts made on the main blog. It should be easy to find the forum discussion about a specific post because at the bottom of a post such as this one there will be a link encouraging you to join in on the forum discussion of this post. Come on in!

Ben Harack

I'm an aspiring omnologist who is fascinated by humanity's potential.

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