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We are always looking for interested people who want to contribute. If you are interested in anything we do, fire us an email or simply comment on any post we have. Don’t be shy, we enjoy hearing new perspectives and are always interested in volunteers for the project.

We welcome constructive criticism as a genuine form of contribution. If you have something meaningful to say on an issue, please do so. We are always interested in learning more and improving our articles with better knowledge.

Current major projects

Existential Risks

Existential risks are possible future events that have a chance of causing human extinction. They come in many forms and present many challenges for humanity.

Large-Scale Energy Systems

A review of the literature on electricity grids along with hopefully comprehensible writing about the possibilities for development. See all of our Large-Scale Energy Systems articles.

Nuclear Myth and Fact

We are trying to cut through the erroneous statements on both sides of the nuclear debate. There are a lot of such statements and we have only dealt with a few major ones. You can see the official launch of this project, or you can check out the nuclear myth and fact archives.

Saskatchewan’s Energy Future

Most of the volunteers on this project hail from Saskatchewan, Canada. Part of the reason this site exists is because we were concerned about the direction our province seemed to be heading. As such, Saskatchewan’s Energy Future has been a major theme of our work. We presented on this issue in early 2010 to the Standing Committee on Crown and Central Agencies at the Saskatchewan Legislature. We have also been slowly adding to a collection of what we believe are meaningful contributions to the discussion of the energy future of the prairie provinces. This project is slowly expanding to an analysis of power grids in general.

Renewable Energy Review

The intent of this publication is an ongoing investigation of the progress and potential of renewable energy in our world. Our goal is to collect the best writing and news on the subject of renewable energy projects and policies. This is a blog carnival, where people can submit articles for consideration in the next issue. To see all the publications in this series, check out our renewable energy review archives.

Ending Poverty

Several of us were very impressed with Jeffrey Sachs’ book “End Of Poverty“. We have found that there are compelling arguments in favor of the world being able to end extreme poverty in the next few decades if appropriate actions are taken. We are pursuing additional knowledge in this area, and are working on a number of major poverty themes.

Living Green

What does it mean to live green? This question encompasses many areas of living, each of which contains a plethora of techniques for living more in harmony with the planet’s ecosystem. We have a number of articles published on the topic of living green, but our most notable publication in this area is our guide to living green with regards to energy usage. We are also pursuing tailored version of these ‘living green’ recommendations for the locations that we live in. Currently the two locations being worked on are Regina, Saskatchewan and Montreal, Quebec.

Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear fusion is the energy resource that powers the sun. Humans have been trying for decades to harness it. If you are interested in how far we have gotten, and how we did it, check out our introduction to nuclear fusion or our full listing of fusion articles.


We conduct online interviews with people who we believe are helping to create a better future. So far our interviews have been with as varied of people as bloggers, politicians, activists, and renewable energy experts. If interested, you can check out all of our published interviews.

Social Change

Probably the broadest category, this effort deals with the general transformation of our society. We are interested in examining all of the forces that appear to shape societies. If you are interested in this topic, you may want to check out our primary article on deliberate social change or our other social change articles.