Who are we?

Ben Harack

Ben Harack – Cofounder

I’m an aspiring omnologist who is fascinated by humanity’s potential. Spending ten years in academia helped me get started in the fields of physics, computer science, math, and psychology. Since then, my interests have broadened further and I’ve (unsurprisingly) begun to find deep connections between seemingly distinct fields of knowledge. My key interests lately have revolved around the future of humanity. I’m particularly captivated by humanity’s potential and the dire challenges posed by existential risks.

I write at my blog Condensed Matters on subjects relating to physics, computers, and machines, and at Live to Learn about life and learning in general.

Kyle Laskowski

Kyle Laskowski – Cofounder

I am a graduate from the University of Regina’s Honours Physics program from rural Saskatchewan. After taking a keen interest in the Saskatchewan Uranium Development Partnership consultation effort, I have become interested in studying and writing about a diverse range of topics, as you seen on Vision Of Earth now. Recent additions to my interested include machine learning, space flight and our future relationship with Mars.

Mark Cazakoff

Mark Cazakoff – Economics

I am a graduate of the University of Regina’s Computer Science program. I grew up on a farm near Arran, Saskatchewan. I have been working at SaskTel for a little more than seven years now. I am interested in a wide variety of subjects but have lately found topics relating to economics and finance to be very compelling. I have been pursuing this knowledge online and through the University of Regina part-time, and hope this will allow me to contribute in a meaningful fashion. I am most interested in the issues of poverty and existential threats.

Alana Watson

I am currently a student at the University of Manitoba, though I was born and raised in Regina. I am interested in the balancing of natural sciences and art in design and architecture.

Jeff Cliff

I am pending graduation of a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at the University of Regina. I grew up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan but have also lived or worked in a variety of roles in Outlook(SK), Penhold (Alberta) and Regina as well. Although my recent job as a software developer/consultant has kept me busy lately, I have long been interested in sustainable development and water distribution. My current focus along those lines is to try to make sure there is free software available capable of forming a basis of further work in that area. This will hopefully prevent proprietary software companies from being a retarding force in further sustainability.

Chris Kriska

Still pursuing my degree in Computer Science at the University of Regina, I am currently an employee at SaskTel. My interests are broad and my hobbies many. I hope to help create a better world during my lifetime.

Robert Bailey

I have a Masters’ Degree in computer science from the University of Regina, having also studied at SFU in Vancouver, and possess a minor in Mandarin Chinese, also from the U of R.  I am an avid environmentalist and am passionate about anthropology and Asian studies.  Personal development and language study is also a recent passion of mine.  I am currently pursuing an MBA at the U of R while working full-time as a software developer.  I wish to help towards the betterment of humanity in what small ways I am able.  I am looking forward to reaching out through this medium and improving the lives of others as well as my own.

Steven Kuski

I have been living in Regina for a little over ten years, and attending university for most of that time. Most of my professional life has been spent as a civil servant, having worked at the provincial planning branch at Ministry of Government Services and currently as an Economic Statistician at the Ministry of Finance.

Scott Hoiland

After working 7 years in a number of different capacities within the environmental space, Scott has decided to move on. His focus is now on his startup called Keto Krate whose mission is to educate the public on the damaging effects of sugar consumption and connect consumers with companies who are offering great low sugar snacking alternatives. Keto Krate believes that everyone’s well being is very tightly connected to their diet, and improving society’s health, focus, productivity and happiness starts from the ground up in taking care of our own health and changing the landscape on what is considered to be healthy food.