Chevron Oil Spill off the BC Coast

Oil Spill Near Vancouver

Apparently Chevron waited a month before informing the public about an oil, gas, and diesel leak into the Burrard Inlet in Burnaby, BC. However, it appears that they are actually following the regulations for such a leak. Locals are questioning both the direct effect on their habitat, and the ramifications of environmental regulations that allow a leak to be handled in this way.

Seer CBC coverage for more details.

Deregulation of Environmental Assessment

At the same time, Canadians are facing a deregulation of their environmental assessment process. The Conservatives’ Budget bill contains within it a large number of changes to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA). These changes were not called attention to, and it seems likely that it was hoped that they would escape notice by the Canadian people.

For more information on the subject, see Eco Justice, or The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society.

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