Vision of Earth submission chosen as finalist in Morph My City Competition

Vision of Earth is proud to announce that we have been selected as finalists for the Regina Morph My City competition. The competition, which closed on July 4th, received interest from over 17,000 individuals in 117 countries. Three submissions were selected as finalists for the Morph My City 2040 Prize and three for the Greenfield Prize from among 58 detailed submissions. As a finalist, Vision of Earth will be presenting in Regina on September 11th at the National Infrastructure Summit 2012. We are proud to note that all of the Vision of Earth members who contributed to our submission have deep roots in the Regina community. For more information on the competition, we encourage you to visit the official link for the Morph My City competition or the webpage for the National Infrastructure Summit.

Vision of Earth is comprised of volunteers from a variety of fields. We use our technical skills to deeply investigate various issues that face our society today, focusing on complex and controversial issues that demand patience and knowledge to understand. Vision of Earth’s submission to the competition is the work of five authors.

Ben Harack (BSc Math, BSc Computer Science, BSc Physics, BA Psychology) hails from a small town near Prince Albert, and later moved to Regina for eight years to attend university. Currently pursuing a physics masters at McGill, he spends significant time investigating practical solutions to the intricate and substantial problems facing the world today.

Steven Kuski (BA Economics, BBA Finance) has lived in Regina for about eleven years, attending university for most of that time. He has spent most of his professional life as a civil servant, having worked at the provincial planning branch at Ministry of Government Services and currently as an Economic Statistician at the Ministry of Finance.

Kyle Laskowski (BSc Physics) hails from a small town near Lanigan. He has long held a deep interest in energy systems and sustainability. Pursuing this has led him towards study of the political, economic, and social realities of societies and how they choose to solve problems.

Scott Hoiland (BSc Mechanical Engineering) originally from Saskatoon, has lived in Cambodia working in poverty alleviation. Now working for an international energy and environmental consulting company, he specializes in: energy efficiency, energy supply and carbon markets. He resides in Regina, working with provincial industrial and commercial Demand Side Management programs.

Robert Bailey (MSc Computer Science) has been a Regina resident for 20 years. He is passionate about anthropology and Asian studies, having acquired a minor in Mandarin. He is currently pursuing an MBA at the U of R while working full-time as a software developer.

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Alana Watson
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Ben Harack

I'm an aspiring omnologist who is fascinated by humanity's potential.

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