Moving Planet Montreal video by Developing Pictures

My first YouTube appearance!

A wonderful video about Moving Planet Montreal was created by Alex Pritz of Developing Pictures. The video features me in my first-ever YouTube appearance! I invite you all to take a look, as it is less than two minutes long. It should be visible just below this paragraph, but if not then you can find it on YouTube: Moving Planet Montreal YouTube Video

I am rather pleased that I sound like I know what I am talking about in this video. The interview that was excerpted for the video was probably less than two minutes long and included a number of interruptions due to helicopters flying over Montreal.

I am also pleased that Moving Planet helped me to start branching out into other forms of media. Thanks to this YouTube video and my appearance on CKUT Radio, I am slowly getting used to seeing my own face and hearing my own voice. It is also interesting that I began posting audio posts or podcasts on Vision of Earth when I was helping to plan Moving Planet Montreal.

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