Tony Robbins on inspiration and accomplishment

Tony Robbins gave a blockbuster talk at TED on the subject of what motivates people. One of the most interesting occurrences we have ever seen happened in this talk, when Tony ran off the stage to high-five Al Gore. This happened right after Tony asked the audience to list things that were excuses for failing to accomplish goals. In response Al Gore had said “Supreme Court”.

This talk may make you feel like you are being pinned to the wall. Tony Robbins has a lot of ideas on these subjects, and he is not afraid to rattle them off at machine gun speed.

This review may be a little sparse, since I am trying out one of Tony’s recommendations from the video. He challenges us to have the courage to experience new things rather than revisiting those things that we know are safe and that we like. Though I have seen this talk twice in the past, I thought it would be a nice touch if I didn’t watch it again while writing this review.

What motivates you? What is it that inspires you to perform at your best?  What makes your life worth living? These are the sorts of questions that Tony levels at all of us. He charges into these topics with discernment and passion.

One very powerful point for me when watching this talk was when he was talking about contribution. He said that we always end up heading towards contribution in our lives because “You can only feel so much by yourself”. In my life, I had never before thought of contribution in terms of ‘feeling more’.

The second half of the talk is a blur of idea after idea. He admitted near the beginning that the shortest seminar he is used to giving is 50 hours. I believe he may have tried to put all of the major ideas into his 20 minutes at TED. Despite the overwhelming intensity, I give this talk an enthusiastic two thumbs up.

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