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Compelling ideas of what might be possible

In 2007, many of us had our reasons to be discontent with the state and direction of our society. This is not to say that we were not grateful to be living in such wondrous times in a country of great affluence. We were acutely aware even then that though our society is generally a very nice place overall, more is possible. It is possible for our already impressive civilization to continue down its path of enlightenment and liberation towards a brighter future.

I wrestled with the ideas of personal and social change for several years before putting the proverbial pen to paper. To be honest I wrestle with them still, and I certainly consider change to be a fundamental facet of being alive. I decided then that I would embrace the yearning within me. I decided to try to do my best to better both my life and those lives that I could touch in the best way that I knew how.

The most immediate result of this decision is that I penned a paper entitled “Conscientious Future”. I wanted to change the world for the better and I needed to get a grasp of how it was possible as well as why it was necessary. Since its original form, the paper has undergone a number of critical readings by friends and interested intellectuals. Their comments and suggestions led to a clearer, more meaningful, and more compelling statement than what I could have written alone. They have my most heartfelt thanks.

The Vision of Earth website was the next major step. A close friend of mine found the domain name and it struck both of us profoundly from the first moment we considered it. Another friend volunteered some server space and bandwidth, so we bought the name and never looked back. What you see before you is the result of years of efforts by myself and the other volunteers who contribute to this project.

The paper is now available on this website for the first time. You can also find it on the top menu bar by hovering the mouse over “The Project”. You should see menu appear with “Conscientious Future” as one of the items.

Ben Harack

I'm an aspiring omnologist who is fascinated by humanity's potential.

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