The Vision of Earth Team in the cold month of January 2010

Vision of Earth in social media

We have been innovating the way we integrate Vision of Earth with social media lately. This post is intended to bring people up to date on what we have been up to.

For a long time we have had social media links on our posts as well as in the top-right corner of the page. We have been making additional efforts to utilize these systems, so we thought that a post of this sort was warranted.


Vision of Earth has a regularly updated Facebook page. On that page there are additional updates and discussions that are not available on the website.


You can follow Vision of Earth on Twitter. We intend our Twitter presence to be a place for sharing ideas, comments, and content in a two-way conversation with you, our readers and critics.

RSS, Email, Digg, Reddit, etc

You can also follow Vision of Earth via RSS, Email, Digg, and Reddit. These methods are oriented more towards public promotion of posts that we believe are worthwhile reads. If we have written anything that you believe should be spread around, help us out on these platforms or other social media outlets such as those linked by the icons at the top of every post (LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, etc).


We have recently launched a newsletter for Vision of Earth. We are extremely excited about this project, and hope that you will join our mailing list so that we can learn from each other about the issues that face our society today.

Our newsletter is free, and allows you to receive updates and exclusive articles on the improvement of human society. We intend to give you only the best of Vision of Earth, delivered directly to your inbox.

There are two types of newsletters that you can expect to receive.

  1. Recent highlights from the previous week or month on our content, discussions, and learnings.
  2. In-depth feature newsletters on major societal issues that we believe are of great concern to our societies.
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