Hire Us

The Vision of Earth team has a broad variety of skills and areas of expertise, which we have listed below.

Energy Usage Consulting

We have researched extensively on the subject of energy usage. If you are a do-it-yourself person, you can check out our comprehensive look at green energy usage.

We can offer personalized consulting on how to live green. Our specialty is energy use thanks to our extensive technical backgrounds in university and years of experience in trying to live our own lives as green as we can.

If you live in Regina or Montreal, we can offer on-site service. We can still help you if you live elsewhere, but we may have to utilize other communication tools. In either case, please contact us if you are interested in tapping into our knowledge on this subject.

Fact Checking

Need someone to fact-check something you have written? Contact us about what you want checked, and we will give you a quote of what we regard as a fair price for the work. See below for our topics of expertise.

At Vision of Earth we have high standards about what we publish. Every post goes through rounds of peer-review and peer-authorship before it is published. We constantly push ourselves and each other to be critical about the factual claims we make.

We have become exceptionally proficient at literature reviews, where we consult a broad variety of sources on a subject before beginning to form cohesive conclusions. The authorship of a literature review is another service we offer, as it stands somewhere between fact-checking and our next major service: writing.


Vision of Earth has published approximately two books worth of material on this site alone. We have received numerous accolades for our writing, and it is something that we take great pride in.

If you are interested in asking us to write something for you, contact us. We will give you a quote of what we believe is a fair price for the requested piece.

Topics of Expertise

The core members of Vision of Earth have post-secondary degrees in Computer Science, Physics, Economics, Psychology, and Mathematics. All of us are broadly experienced even outside of those fields, and consider ourselves lifelong students.

The following is a brief listing of our topics of current publication, with links to examples of our writing on the subjects.

  1. The central subject of Vision of Earth is Social Change. The main questions we like to ask are: How is society deliberately transformed by people or groups? What are the effects on the quality of life of different humans? What are the long-term consequences of the choices our society is making today?
  2. Nuclear energy, both fission and fusion. The two founders of Vision of Earth both completed an honours degree in physics with their specializations being advanced fission fuel cycles and nuclear fusion power. We have also created the Nuclear Myth and Fact Project.
  3. Presented at the Saskatchewan Legislature on the subject of Saskatchewan’s Energy Future, which included our Feed-in Tariff Proposal for Saskatchewan. We have undertaken other case studies of energy potential for Indiana and Manitoba.
  4. We publish our own periodical on the subject of renewable or ‘green’ energy: The Renewable Energy Review. We have also published many other articles on the general topic of renewable energy.
  5. A number of us are interested in the significant challenge of Ending Poverty in our world. To this end we have been reading extensively and publishing a number of pieces on the subject.
  6. Being concerned with the environment leads one to naturally consider the facts of their own behaviour. We have written significant articles on the subject of Living Green, and plan to publish a lot more on this subject soon.
  7. Our focus on social change causes us to spend a lot of time on policy analysis. We have focused primarily on the issues of economics and health in our policy analysis thus far. We are planning to expand this soon with some new publications.

If your proposed topic isn’t in that list, we are still interested. We hope to continually expand our horizons with our work. New challenges are new opportunities for additional growth and wisdom.

We hope you will contact us if you need someone to write for you or fact-check work for you.