The Project

What is our goal?

Ben Harack - Founder

Since its creation, the overarching theme of Vision of Earth has been efforts towards the positive development of our society. We firmly believe that improvements in human quality of life can come about by making well-informed decisions today.

The Vision of Earth Project attempts to take the knowledge that humanity has collected and connect it with the practical challenges that face our society.

Bettering ourselves

Kyle Laskowski - Co-Founder

Our efforts to understand these crucial issues have immensely expanded our knowledge of the world. When we started, we had little more than a desire to help our society improve.

Now we have augmented our passion for improvement with greater knowledge of how we can make it happen. We continue to empower ourselves with every minute we spend working on these issues.

Standards for our Writing

Our goal is to understand the reality of our society as it exists today, and to investigate the possibilities for improvement. Being reasonable, critically-thinking humans we will do our best to assure that our understanding is accurate and that our investigations are as unbiased as we are capable of making them.

Vision of Earth is to be a repository of knowledge about the structure and function of society. It is meant to serve as a collective perspective and a forum for discussion of issues.

1. Information should be factual and well-referenced.

2. References should be clearly displayed and faithfully represented. Do not purposely ignore opposing data, or gloss over problems with corroborating data.

3. Arguments should follow from factual premises.

Deviation from these structures for the sake of argument or perspective should be made clear.